Where To Travel In Sri Lanka In August 


Travel to Sri Lanka and Experience Its Glittering Beauty

Travel to Sri Lanka is all about experiencing the breathtaking beauty of this country. Travelling in Sri Lanka will be an adventure and a blissful experience that will keep you occupied for life. Sri Lanka is considered as one of the least travelled exotic destinations of the world.

Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and natural landscapes attract travellers and vacationers from all over the world. Sri Lanka has been a spiritual, educational and cultural centre of the world since ages.

The Sri Lankan culture is rich and famous for its tourism, and thus, tourists are offered a choice of various tours and packages in Sri Lanka. There are many attractive and exciting spots that tourists can explore while travelling to Sri Lanka.

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These are beautiful beaches with hot-water pools, monasteries, temples, fishing villages, bird sanctuaries, wildlife parks, etc. Sinhala Literary Theatre plays several traditional plays and folk songs. Tourists can visit New Town and see the fantastic sites like Old Fort, which has beautifully carved statues.

These are breathtaking and mesmerizing spots that one can’t miss while travelling to Sri Lanka. The beaches in Sri Lanka are famous for white sand and turquoise water that make it a perfect destination for swimming. Holidays in Sri Lanka are a very memorable experience that will have you enjoying your holidays in this country for a lifetime.

Where To Travel In Sri Lanka In August

The summer is the best time to travel to Sri Lanka. It is hot and humid all through August, but there are cool breezes that come from the Arabian Sea, bringing in cooler temperatures. Many resorts in the country offer to let you stay in their luxury hotels and villas for a little luxury holiday.

You can visit all the popular tourist spots like Colombo, The Golden Square and other places like Batticaloa, Plovdiv, Beppu, Poovar, Vagator, Yala, Vavuniya, and Pindad, which are well known for its breathtaking beauty.

This is the best time to visit the country as it’s relatively less crowded and very scenic and beautiful.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

There are many other attractions that you can visit in Sri Lanka during this season. Some of the where to travel in Sri Lanka in August spots include The Wildlife Park, The Temple of Kumarakom, The Government Hospital, The Colombo Mosque, The Palace and the Sri Lanka Museum.

The best time to visit these places is between July and August. During the latter half of August and September, there are many fishing villages in the main lakes of the country.

Some of the major lakes in Sri Lanka are Kithuvawesara, Munyani, Nuperi, Vavuniya, Pothanthalam, Muvattu, Iruvaram, and Vanni. These are some of the most popular sports in the country during this season, and you can always find many places offering holiday packages to your destination.

ETA For Travel to Sri Lanka

With the country’s rich cultural and historical heritage, tourism in Sri Lanka is at an all-time high and is making its mark across the globe. The dream of a vacation that takes you to the tropical island of Sri Lanka is possible with the assistance of Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

To have your visa approved, you need to obtain this form online. By having an eTA, you can skip the formalities involved in getting your visa by showing it to the Immigration officials in the country.


The reason why you require the visa is to help keep the country safe and secure from terrorism. It allows you to possess one single copy of your eTA, which can then be used as a travel permit. If you are planning to travel to Sri Lanka, be aware that you need to have these forms filled out even if you are not travelling alone.

You will need to prove to the immigration officials that you are indeed a tourist and not a working foreigner. So, eTA is a boon for you if you want to visit Sri Lanka for travel purposes. Use it wisely!