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Top 10 Best Places To Travel In Kenya 

Experience the Unique Tourism of Kenya

You have decided to travel to Kenya. The attractions, the culture, the people, the amazing safari adventure. Are you tired of seeing a lot of ‘western’ stuff at the hotel and never getting to experience the rich heritage and excellent hospitality that a holiday in Kenya is all about? Get ready to immerse yourself in the authentic feel of your life to enjoy a holiday like no other in Kenya.

Start by checking out the Kenyan Attractions. Not only does this country offer beautiful scenery and mountain ranges, but it has so much more.

Be sure to check out Nairobi and the surrounding area. Not only is this a great place to check out on your vacation, but it’s also very affordable.

a lot of elephants

After all the beautiful scenery, wildlife and amazing safaris you can see why tourism is such a huge industry in Kenya. If you have not experienced it yet, take the time to experience the one of kind tourism of the East African Rift Valley. Imagine having a honeymoon with only the couple enjoying your stay.

Imagine your family relaxing at home and being with you as you vacation in Kenya. Do yourself a favour and take a little time off of your hectic life and get away from it all. Stop worrying about where you are going, how long you are staying and how you are getting there.

Top Ten Best Places To Travel In Kenya

To the west of Nairobi lies a place that is very close to the heart of Kenya and its famous wildlife parks – Lake Nakuru National Park and Maniema. Travelling in this exciting country is truly amazing. You can easily explore the wildlife in a trip to Lake Nakuru National Park where you will come across several species of birds.

The park is home to a wide variety of animal life including gazelles, giraffes, ostriches, wildebeest, eland, impalas, ibex, giraffe, emus, and kudu. On your way back to Nairobi after visiting the most popular destinations of Lake Nakuru National Park, you can take a trip to the Namanga Game Reserve where you can see wildebeest, giraffes, zebra, elephant, and rhinoceros.

Lake Nakuru National Park is perhaps the most famous destination for visitors who are considering travelling to Kenya is undoubtedly the top ten best places to travel in Kenya. Many destinations are equally popular among visitors as well.

Mombasa beach, Kenya

Visitors can look forward to a pleasant holiday in the small and beautiful city of Mombasa. If you visit the city on your Kenya travels, you will see that the weather is calm and there is nothing unusual at all to do or see. For those who want to learn more about wildlife, the Mount Kenya region is a paradise for bird watchers and animal lovers.

Birdwatchers can find numerous bird species, including Nile Waterfowl, Red-Headed Frigatebird, and Gazelle. There are some beautiful beaches in the vicinity, which is a nice place to relax with your family and friends.

The top ten best places to travel in Kenya offer tourists to experience something more than just sightseeing. The top destinations in the country to visit are undoubtedly the national parks. These are the place where you can find a lot of adventure sports.

Among the most popular are hiking, horse riding, bush camping, and canoeing. You can also explore the world-famous Mara National Park, which is the home of lions, leopards, cheetahs, lions, etc. You can even try out some adventure sports like ice-climbing and swimming if you are looking for a break from sightseeing.

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