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Interesting facts about Oman

Interesting facts about Oman Image

Interesting facts about Oman

As Oman is among the most ancient nations on the planet, it has several fascinating facts which will catch your attention and will make you look further in this precious place surrounded by incredible traditions.

Oman is the best spot for bird observation reasons. You can observe birds from the 3 continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa considering that a lot of migratory birds throughout their journey travel through the country ( More on: These birds can go very long distances like the water fowl who travels 5 thousand kms, from Siberia.

Interpol data place Oman as a safe destination, as criminal offenses is practically nonexistence and its called terrorism free in accordance with the Global Terrorism Index.

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Omanis favorite beverage is definitely the MountainDew, in reality, Coca-Cola is not really favorable in the land. It is hard to find Coca-Cola products in Oman.

Alcohol laws are based on your monthly earnings. An Omani individual are not able to spend much more of their 10% income on alcoholic beverages. You should possess a permit to get drinks based on alcohol.

Even when Oman every day delivers 900000 barrels of oil, its primary source of income originates from tourism. Mutrah Hotel is Omans first accommodation and it was constructed in 1970 however officially opened to the public in 1972. Currently is the oldest hotel in Sultanate Oman.

You can discover on several Omani Hotels coffee served with date palm.

Ramadan is an important part of Omani tradition. It occurs in the ninth month of the Muslim year, in which Omani individuals fast throughout the whole month. It is considered that all of your sins are forgiven since they were burned during such time.

Oman weekends are on Thursday and Friday but dont worry, as they are actually planning to shift it to Friday and Saturday.

The principal meal of the day, what we know as lunch, is taken during the mid-afternoon hours. Omani typically takes rice next to fish or even meat and tomato sauce. For religious respect, Omani doesnt eat pork.

Ras Al Jinz is called the beach of turtles. You will be astonished by the various types of turtles you will find such as the Leatherback, Green or Logger head turtles.

The aroma of Oman is the Amouage, the worlds most valuable perfume. The fragrance is produced and trade by Oman nation. The top 6 Amouage fragrance for guys is Lyric Man, Memoir Man, Beloved Man, Jubilation for Men, Reflection Man, and also Amouage Interlude Man.

The Al Said household ranked in the top three of the longest-ruling monarchs as their reign has been continuous since 1744.

You will need special permission to paint your home of a color different from white, and also a big reason as well for the reason that country structure is created on white structures and homes to help keep the beauty that attracts visitors to this place.

Oman is a spot for silence and peace as you will not find individuals honking unnecessarily. Not like other countries, Omani individuals can honk only if the situation represents a real emergency. You can enjoy strolling in Oman cities without the pressure that automobiles noise brings.

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